Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. You can consult a pandit for Grah Pravesh or Bhoomi pooja. Only a certified Vastu consultant can guide you with the architecture and interiors to attract positive energy.

Vastu consultation is advised to attract positivity and success. It is not essential and can help control energy and keep negativity away.

Yes You Should Vastu consultant before buying land as they can help choose the right land direction and assist in architectural design.

Light colours like white, blue, and green are best for the bedroom as per Vastu tips. You must avoid dark colours.

No. Vastu is a traditional art that is based on scientific facts, paneltary forces and elements.

The basic quality of the right Vastu Consultant are:

  • insight vision
  • practical knowledge
  • intuitive
  • sound state of mind
  • Does a person’s date of birth influence property purchase?
  • What are the auspicious days on which one should book a house?
  • According to Vastu, what should be the position of the rooms/main door of a flat?
  • How important is ‘facing’ of a house?
  • According to Vastu, a house should face which direction?
  • According to Vastu, in which direction of the house one should?

North-east is considered the ideal vastu direction for house.

There are 3 types of Vaastu- srishti, chikitsa and vardhamana. In each of these types of vaastu, there is an element of integration between the occupant and the building, between the environment energies and the lifestyle of the people.

There are 16 types of Directions in Vastu Shastra.

Inappropriate colours, including that of the flooring. Cooking direction. Direction of toilet basins. Incorrect direction of the puja room.

It is believed that a house built following the Vastu principles can bring prosperity to the home and attract good luck and health.

There should be 2,4,6,8, (even) no of doors in house as per Vastu. My Vastu expert told me we should always stick to even numbers except for 10. The main doors should have no obstructions. Any plants, trees, staircases, or poles, can impact the positive energy of the house.