Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Real Estate Lawyer in India is a certified professional who oversees all real estate transactions involving real estate law. They are responsible for putting together and reviewing legal documents for real estate transactions and negotiating their terms and conditions.

It is not a mandate, but if you are making big investments then it is best to consult a lawyer to make sure all papers are clear and there is not any case of fraud.

Yes, lawyers for property study as well as help make all types of property documents such as leave and license, property registration, and mo.

If both parties are ready for out of court settlement, then the case can get to conclusion faster, however, if it does drag to court, then it can take anywhere between a few months to years.

Out of court settlement is conducted to avoid taking a case to court but it does abide to law and is considered legal.

Yes, the property lawyer does draft documents for property transfer. Property can be owned individually or in partnership, as per the owner’s will.